Job: Environmental Services Worker II - Environmental Services

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

Environmental Services

Full Time (40 hours per week)

Evening Shift

430 pm - 100 am

Job Details:

General Summary

To perform environmental cleaning and furniture moves or meeting set-ups for National Jewish Health following standards established by the department, Infectious Control measures to maintain a safe and clean environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

Essential Responsibilities

1. Prepares materials to be used in cleaning process and stocks cleaning cart with proper supplies this includes mixing chemicals according to the manufacturer's directions.

2. Performs cleaning functions for assigned area(s) which include but not limited to: vacuuming carpets; dust mopping tile floors; cleaning and disinfecting bathroom surfaces; damp wiping surfaces; wet mopping tile floors using properly diluted chemicals, right cleaning equipment and supplies for each area, and removing the trash from their assigned area.

3. Performs specialty cleaning functions for assigned areas which include: stripping and waxing tile floors, spray buffing; bonnet cleaning and shampoo extraction of carpeting and furniture; and projects such as wall and window washing, vent cleaning and shower & tile scrubbing

4. Performs maintenance of carts and equipment and cleaning and storing them according to department procedures.

5. Processes and completes work order requests from all departments of the Institution for furniture moves, meeting set-ups, and audio-visual equipment delivery, snow removal

6. Identifies potential problem areas, reporting facility or equipment malfunctions, suspicious persons, and safety hazards to supervisor.

7. Participates in ongoing quality assessment and improvement to include bringing necessary issues to the attention of the appropriate supervisor/manager.

8. Removal of biohazard waste throughout their assigned area(s) throughout the facility daily.

9. Completes pick-ups of all material to be recycled or shredded.

10. When filling in as the Linen Worker, performs linen functions to all patient care areas by delivering, removing, and maintaining stock at proper levels at each location. Help advise Supervisor of any additional needs for linen. Handles the distribution of lab coats from the linen room in the Power House.

11. Performs all other duties as assigned including after hours, as needed.

General Responsibilities

1. Performs, as directed, safety compliance and uses Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as needed.

2. Participates in Quality Assessment (QA) and Quality Improvement (QI) programs, as directed.

3. Ensures compliance with The Joint Commission and all other Federal, State and Regulatory Agencies.

4. Responds promptly and sincerely to customer's needs, requests and concerns via all communication forms using easily understood language and refraining from using inappropriate language and non-verbal gestures.

5. Maintains positive working relationships as a team player through problem solving issues, speaking positively about others, listening attentively and observing the Patient Bill of Rights and Confidentiality.

6. Increases customer service knowledge, skill and ability by participating in department and institution-wide specific programs.

7. Incorporates National Jewish's identity (Science Transforming Life®) into daily functions. Speaks positively about the institution, provides customers with prompt service, maintains a clean and safe working environment, dresses appropriately based upon National Jewish safety standards, and departmental policies and wears an ID badge visibly.

Knowledge and Skills

Need interpersonal communication, organizational skills, and basic computer skills needed for Net Learning.


Must be able to read, write and clearly speak and understand English.

Certification and Licensure


Work Experience

Experience in a health care setting is recommended. Experience with floor care maintenance is preferred.

- or - Any equivalent combination of Education and/or Experience

Working Conditions

Position is in Environmental Services. Frequent requirements may include: Working around staff, visitors, and patients performing required duties of the job. Frequent physical demands include: communication by seeing, talking, listening, standing, walking, bending, climbing stairs, climbing small ladders to clean ceilings or above doors, kneeling, crouching, stooping, squatting, lifting, pushing and pulling up to 75 lbs. and extensive repetitive motion of the arm and wrist with the ability to maintain pincher grasp, good eye hand coordination. Equipment utilized includes: 4 wheel carts; vacuum cleaners; wet/dry vacuum; mops and buckets; floor buffers; carpet cleaners; trash buggies; furniture and appliance dollies; and hand held cleaning equipment/tools such as spray bottles, scrubbing pads, different dusting devices, small repair tools, etc. Supervision is moderate with access to supervisor and/or departmental manager, when needed. The work setting is informal; team-oriented; having routine tasks; and variable-paced; variable pressure. Occasional requirements may include: sitting while completing paperwork, kneeling, and squatting. Incumbent may be scheduled to work an alternate schedule to accommodate essential business needs, possibly during inclement weather.

Environmental Conditions

Inside and outside environmental conditions may include: Working conditions involve potential exposure to mechanical, electrical, radiation, noise, fume/odor, chemical, infectious diseases, dust/mites hazards and extreme temperatures. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided to each employee to perform the responsibilities of their position. Utilization of PPE is mandatory. Estimated 1700 employees in the worksite.

Management/Supervisory Responsibilities




National Jewish Health
Human Resources
1400 Jackson St
Denver, CO 80206
Job Line: 1.800.686.9512


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