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Breathing Science is Life ™

For more than 119 years, National Jewish Health has been on the forefront of research and medicine. Our team is known worldwide for treatment of patients with respiratory, cardiac, immune and related disorders, and for groundbreaking medical research.

Today, our mission remains the same: to heal, to discover, and to educate as a preeminent health care institution. We combine our research, clinical and educational efforts to provide personalized medicine that predicts, prevents and treats many diseases. When you join National Jewish Health, you're contributing to our outstanding history by working to extend our excellence into the future.

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Departments & Divisions at National Jewish Health

Volunteer Opportunities

Since 1899, volunteers have been a key component of our institution, providing consistent and dedicated support and assistance to our staff, the patients we serve and their family members. No matter what their role, volunteers at National Jewish Health are an essential part of what makes us who we are.

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Academic Training

To remain a leader in the treatment of respiratory, cardiac and immune diseases, our focus is to educate scientists, physicians, health care professionals and the community. In collaboration with several universities and colleges, we offer internships, clinical fellowships, pre-doctoral training and postdoctoral fellowships.

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Foreign National Program

National Jewish Health proudly hosts foreign nationals from around the world to further their education, careers and exchange of ideas. Over the years, National Jewish Health has attracted distinguished researchers who seek to participate in cutting-edge investigations and improve their understanding and treatment of respiratory, cardiac, immune and related conditions.

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I am National Jewish Health

Without the dedication of our employees, we would not be the preeminent respiratory hospital in the nation. At National Jewish Health we are a team working toward one mission: to heal, to discover and to educate as a preeminent health care institution.

John, Biobank Manager
9 years

I live the motto of National Jewish Health every day. Science Transforming Life® is what I do, and I am grateful that I get to experience all aspects of that process here. The National Jewish Health Biobank collects, stores and distributes vital human specimen samples that patients have graciously donated to the institution for research. It seems like a simple concept, but it involves quite a bit of time and a lot resources for the process to happen.

Together with a great team of people, we bridge benchtop research with clinical care. So whether you’re a patient, nurse, doctor, statistician or principal investigator of a research group, I will come and talk to you about your role in making the National Jewish Health Biobank run smoothly and effectively.

Samantha, Director of Web Strategy
9 years

I’ve made a lot of great memories here at National Jewish Health, but some of my favorites are from times when we have moved our online presence forward in a significant way. Launching two sites in my first year to support the new brand while updating the overall site design was a fun and busy time.

I’m passionate about my career here because of the amazing work the organization does and the variety of ways my fantastic team supports that. I have said more than once that while we don’t save lives with the National Jewish Health website, we do get the word out to the world so that they can find the people who can. Working at a “dot org” has an intangible feeling versus a “dot com,” which was my background before starting here.

Dan, Database and Operations Coordinator
11 years

I enjoy being part of a team that researches occupational/environmental disease and treatment. My role is building software tools used to organize and analyze data we get from our studies. My passion comes from getting to see the tools I create being used by my colleagues to do research and to help treat patients.

Since I’ve joined National Jewish Health, I’ve also enjoyed volunteering with the Reading Buddies program at Morgridge Academy. Getting paired up with students at an early grade level and following them until they leave the Academy is awesome. I’m with my second student who is now in the 8th grade. My favorite memories are from partnering with him at an early age and seeing how far he’s come.

Max, MD
5 years

In the Mid 1980s, while still at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, I was looking for a place to do research in tuberculosis during my sabbatical – National Jewish Health was my number one choice. The warm welcoming by Drs. Heifets and Iseman and the late Drs. Mayer Goren and Gangadharam was special. In the TB laboratory, where I was to conduct my research was a mini ‘united nations’ (like today) with staff coming from various countries. When the call came to join National Jewish Health, my wife and I did not hesitate to relocate from Florida!

To have the Rocky Mountain National Park at the doorstep of Denver is wonderful. The Rockies give endless opportunities to enjoy tranquility and to nurture the sense that we humans are a tiny part of a bigger harmonious system called nature.

National Jewish Hospital was founded in 1899 as an institution caring for tuberculosis patients, and our laboratory continues this tradition as a reference laboratory for tuberculosis and other diseases caused by non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM). Furthermore, we analyze blood levels of drugs used to treat those diseases in addition to HIV and fungal diseases. We receive samples from all states in the Union and offer results in the shortest time possible.

Our laboratory is an integral part of the Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories and collaborates with colleagues in basic and translational research as well as with doctors caring for patients. Every day, we proudly live up to the National Jewish Health mission to heal, to discover and to educate as a preeminent health care institution.

Ernie, Security Manager
10 years

Over the years, I’ve made many memories at National Jewish Health. The completion of the Molly Blank Conference Center was an adventure for our growing National Jewish Health family. During that time, a post-digging company came out to dig a hole for the new flag pole. After about five minutes of drilling, a large water spout (about 10 feet high) started shooting water. It was later learned the drilling company had struck the main water line. After some heavy flooding and lots of water, things were brought back to normal.

At National Jewish Health, my passion is HELPING. Being in the position to have a positive effect on the many visitors here is rewarding, and leads to a stronger effort toward being the ambassador we all want.

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